Life is a constant process of looking for an equilibrium. It is a journey through different states of imbalance. These imbalances can be emotional or physical, energetic or spiritual and most of them happen at the same time affecting our well being.

The process of finding the right equilibrium is not often straightforward and it might cause our natural balance to be pulled into wrong direction. And this is where homeopathy can really help. To achieve a harmonious balance.

Homeopathy is a holistic, meaning we take into consideration the person as a whole. The process involves a natural and gentle way of stimulating our vital force (our natural internal energy) to initiate self-healing. Some aspects of homeopathic treatment include changing our susceptibility towards diseases (states of imbalance) and nourishing our health with a nutritional diet.

As a homeopathic practitioner, I can help start and direct a journey to an emotional and physical balance. This will set you on a path for good health. With my pharmacy background I can support you in that process with nutritional supplements, and advice you on how to reduce possible side effects with allopathic medicines that you might be taking. I can also help give advice on a healthy diet personalised to your needs.

My practice involves a holistic approach backed up also with my years of conventional pharmacy experience allowing me to support patients that use both traditional and natural roots tailored to the individual in a safer way.

I believe that a holistic approach is needed not only to find their way to the right and balanced equilibrium but also to achieve a satisfactory and healthier life.