August, 2019
How non-toxic is your life?

Everyday we are bombarded with information about some sort of toxins in our lives.We are aware of certain toxins which are present in food, water or air which can compromise our health. For some of them we have little influence on. For some we can make healthier choices. We can opt for ecological and organic food when possible. Water can be sourced from cleaner places or by putting certain filters on our tap or we can buy glass bottle water. That is also possible. Following that thinking we can decide about our place to live if air is not great in the current place we live. It is not easy but possible.

We can also decide if we want to smoke cigarettes or not, drink alcohol or not. Use medicines or not and most of those choices we can make based on studies, information available of side effects and our own conscious choices.There are so many other things in life we need to choose but in most cases we have a possibility to access pros and cons and it is up to us what to do.

However when it comes to some medical treatments we go through we sort of lose sometimes the same precautions and logical thinking. Example of the treatments here I want to talk about are considered standard procedures in most of the places in the world however their risks normally is not fully explained to patients neither the possible long term consequences. When we need to go through a surgery or other type of cosmetic treatment we are normally fully consent and have information provided about pros and cons and based on that we go for it or not. But ironically some procedures became such an everyday thing that none really explains to patients what are the pros or cons or simply long term risks of them. (with some country exceptions). I am doing here a bit prolonged introduction on purpose because it is a subject rarely discussed and it gives me a feeling that there is not much general awareness of the implications it may cause.

Okay let’s start a talk about a matter which is our teeth and procedures we sometimes have in our mouth. Has anyone ever had a discussion with your dentist about pros and cons of the treatment in the long perspective?! Normally when we go to the dentist either for a yearly check up or with an urgent problem we might be told that one or more of our teeth needs some treatment. We are explained in detail what must be done, if it is just a tooth filling or an extraction or the worse (most painful to our tooth and pocket) but not unusual a root canal treatment… Then in short or a bit longer time depending on urgency we need to decide if we go for it or not. But what sort of choice we make which is not informative but simply if we want or how much we want to pay? Sorry to be so painful here but have you ever been told that as expensive as it could be root canal treatment it can cost you more than you think even your health?! I am not exaggerating but dentistry became the first and the only branch of medicine which wants to keep a dead part of our body in it at any cost!!! And that already “smells” like toxin itself.

Let me give you some inside. Dentistry has started to do root canal treatments on our request since at the beginning of this procedure only wealthy people who were at risk of tooth extraction would do it. “Save” the tooth and put the gold crown on top so when they smiled everyone knew they had money. Like any medical procedure it can be introduced but with more information about possible short and long side effects it is either improved or discontinued. Unfortunately it was not a case of root canal treatment even when in early 80’s many research showed that between 90-95% root canal teeth removed are infected with the same ratio of infections not being detected on the standard X-ray. Maybe the fact that teeth are built of 65 miles of micro-tubules which are big enough for bacteria to live and thrive but it physically makes it impossible to sterilize sufficiently and at the same time cutting the connection with blood and nerve supply of our body has something to do with that … And yes we are told that there is a risk of rare complications but do you know any woman who was informed that 98% of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer had a root canal treatment on the same side as cancerous breast?! We seem to not connect our teeth with any serious or chronic problems in our body and unfortunately many of the dentist neither… Some of the dentist and it is not personal attack still have Newton’s understanding that teeth are like the stones in our mouth … But by now we know that our teeth are connected with all our internal organs, autonomic nervous system and meridians like a well-designed network. If this connection is cut you create perfect place for infection to thrive which can lead to serious health issues. Our immunological system can not efficiently fight the infection because the tooth is no longer part of our body and its infection is undetectable on standard X-ray…

Going back to root canals. The toxicity which develops in a root canal treated tooth it may or may not have an effect on our body which as always depends on our individual immunological system. However if our immunological system gets busy with other health problems this chronic but minor infections can get out of control. Very often we ignore symptoms like chronic fatigue or many others since they can have an origin in so many other causes. In many cases serious states may be developing many months or even years after we had had our teeth treated. We rarely make any connection between teeth and autoimmune diseases like: scleroderma, MS, ME, diabetes, fibromyalgia or in some cases even… cancer. A bit smaller caliber of symptoms we can sometimes experience is an inflammation of the sinuses or some digestives discomforts. Recently released data shows that the number one cause of heart attack are the root canal treated teeth!!! It is not a relation, not a link but simply causation. The severity of a state and affected organs not only depends on our immunological system but on the tooth which is infected according to Meridian chart between teeth and organs connection.

So why do all root canals are infected??!! There many reasons for it. Some of them I have described above. Our body does not have access to nourish a dead tooth and anaerobic bacteria can thrive and their toxic waste being released into our system. Throughout the years there were numerous interesting studies done on that subject of root canal teeth. In one of the studies Dr Preston used extracted root canal teeth and slide them under the skin of rabbits which as a result developed the same diseases as people who had infected teeth removed from!!! Toxic waste in some of the infected root canal teeth extracted are compared to botulinum, one of the strongest toxins which exists. Another thing which can cause chronic silent infection are cavitations which are a residual infection after tooth extraction when periodontal ligament is not removed, for example in the case of wisdom teeth, leading to incorrect healing of the jaw bone. There is a risk of cavitation formation after infected root canal teeth removal which leads me to the next thing. What to do if we suspect that our root canal tooth is affecting your health?

First of all diagnostic is needed. Just something I have learnt recently that standard X-ray because is 2-dimensional only shows height and width but not depth of objects. So unfortunately if there is a minor infection of the root canal tooth it will not be shown on the standard X-ray. There are two options to visual your infection. One of diagnostics you can go through is thermography. (Do not confuse with tomography!)

Thermography is non-radiological method which works based on difference of temperatures between neighboring body parts. It can detect micro inflammations and its leakage into the different parts of the body. Second option is 3D X-ray called Combien X-ray. It can clearly show cavities, infected root canal teeth and other possible infections like cysts in the jaw bone. 

Second of all simple extraction is not good enough. The jaw bone is a sponge bone which is soaked with bacterial residue. That means the dentist needs to clean that bacterial residue otherwise our problem is not going to improve. Removal of periodontal ligament is crucial. There was a study which showed that simple extraction without removing periodontal ligament gives information to our brain that the tooth is still there and it is a direct cause of cavitation formation. All that means that ordinary dentist is not good enough… You need a practitioner who knows the problem since according to statistics over 90% of dentists still believes that root canal treatments are safe to our general health! But it is no longer a matter of believes because there is sufficient amount of good quality studies showing toxicity of root canal treated teeth. For obvious reasons there is a resentment to change the practice but when it comes to patients they should be fully aware of possible health implications. 

There is a great sentence by Dr Hal Huggins in the “Root Cause” movie “If you have ruptured appendix would you fill it in with wax and put gold crown on it? You have got the same bacteria there only once in the mouth might be worse. The question is if all root canal teeth needs to be removed? The answer is NO. Only in those people who are interested in their health.”

I will leave the matter at this point, I think I made it quite clear what is the issue. It is good to do some research yourself.

The next toxicity I would like to mention is also related to our mouth. Mercury thermometers have been banned in Europe over 10 years ago but regulations which would banned mercury containing teeth feelings do not follow as fast. The amalgamation feelings which I am talking about have more than 100 years. Over the years the content of the metals has changed (amalgamation is not only mercury but also silver, tin, zinc and chromium) and from 1976 they have been more toxic than before (releasing more mercury) because of the increased addition of chromium. The action of continued release of mercury from our teeth would not be such an alarming problem if not the fact that we are exposed to mercury from other sources like fish, seafood, water etc. And levels of mercury has accumulative effects. In addition presents of gold crowns,nickel crowns, removable bridges or braces the mercury emission further increases from the amalgam. This is due to electrical current generated  by the presence of dissimilar metals being present in an electrolyte such as saliva. Heavy metals like mercury can affect the absorption of certain minerals in case of mercury for example zinc (competition effect). Zinc is a very important mineral which our immune system needs for optimal defence. Accumulation of mercury not only affects our health but in case of women can affect future babies…It is one of the factors which leads to chronic headaches, epilepsy or even together with aluminium is a cause of symptoms of a wide autism spectrum…

Yes, aluminium is another toxic metal present in our lives. Aluminium has different sources for example aluminium pots especially if we cook an acid food in them. It is one of the ingredients of deodorants. Aluminium is one of adjuvants in vaccines, a substance which activates immune system for example in the case of vaccines for Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and tetanus. I do not want to discuss here pros or cons of vaccines, I am just highlighting that metals are present in them and if a person (most likely a child) has a weaker or undeveloped immunological system in certain cases it can have a variety of side effects.   

Why do I write about this in quite harsh tone?! First of all I feel it is one of the subjects very little discussed in media if not at all, especially when it comes to teeth. Secondly there are so many researchers showing possible toxic effects of amalgamation and root canal treatments and as patients we deserve at least to know! And that brings me to the third reason my story. I had a root canal treatment done more than 10 years ago and since then I did not think much about until I had invisalign braces and my tooth became weaker and part of it broke out… Because it was not “good time” to do anything about tooth during treatment of straightening teeth I had to wait.  The few options I was offered to do after straightening was to put a corona on the existing tooth or to do it implant but somehow I was not convinced by any. I heard a lot concerning facts about implants and their effects because they contain heavy metals like nickel. So eventually I just decided to wait. Sometimes is better not to touch something when I does not give you any problems, right?

So it was what I did…

But then after around 3 years if you had a chance to read my first blog my digestive system has become compromised during the travel in Asia. Initially I have not connected that with my tooth but after eliminating other possible causes and in addition I read the book of Dr Hall and after I spoke with my homeopath about it it started to make sense. When I looked on a meridian chart connections between my top right premolar and internal systems it turns out it is related to the digestive system! On top of that after watching the movie Root Cause I was convinced I need to do something about this tooth!! So I have contacted one of the holistic clinics in Barcelona. After the long exchange of emails I hope to see them very shortly for the initial visit. I would keep you updated on the progress ! 

In the meantime, I just want to say stay aware and informed and never stop digging the cause of your unwell state! Health problems may have their origin from toxins including things like plastic, heavy metals, “invisible “ infections like infected root canals… or toxic emotions or relations we experience in our life. There might be more than one causation of our state and it is often difficult to pint point it on your own, especially when it comes to our physical symptoms caused by emotional causes. 

Other supportive approaches are foods and supplements which can help to remove heavy metals and toxins from our body, like greens: spirulina, blue algae, chlorella or coriander. Others like: lemon juice and coconut oil pulling in a mouth. Homeopathy also has special protocols and it is a very gentle form of detoxifying our body. Obviously those methods are a great supportive measures but have their limitations. If the root cause is not addressed the effect is only partial or temporary. 

In any case it is wise to look for help from a holistic therapist who can listen and analyze the person as a whole and with curiosity would track the root cause of the problems almost as a good detective. 😉 

It is not an easy task to live in XXI century and avoid toxins completely however it is important to be aware of them and make changes if needed.

So how non-toxic is your life?


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Clinic of Dr Huggins the author of the “Uninformed consent”

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Movie about root canal treatments- a great story which is a must!:  

Root Cause Documentary – 2019 – Banned Dental Industry Conspiracy

Stage 4 cancer treatments Cancer Tutor Chapter 7 Dentists issues- pdf It was removed from the internet, so if you are interested please let me know and I will forward it to you.

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