How I work


Currently I offer homeopathic treatment with naturopathic aspects like supplements and herbs recommendations to support therapy towards health. I also use Bach flower essences to support homeopathic journey towards health. Within homeopathy I treat acute and chronic conditions.


Homeopathy is a complete system of healing which has a holistic approach and takes into consideration a person as a whole. It can be effectively used to help physical or emotional problems. It is based on the core principle that “like cures like“ which means substance taken in large doses can cause the symptoms but used in minute doses is to treat similar symptoms.

The administration of a potentised homeopathic remedy gently exaggerates the “stuck” symptoms thus triggering the healing response. This different approach to illness homeopathy has a role not only with helping with symptoms but also in preventing diseases and maintaining health.

“By similar things disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured”

Hippocrates (460-377 BC), Father of Medicine.

Initial homeopathic consultation can take around 1 hour to 90 mins and involves different types of questions about current and past physical symptoms and emotional states.

Depending on severity of the patients’ state and how chronic the condition is, the healing process would require a series of follow up appointments which normally are every 4-8 weeks after initial appointment. Follow up appointments normally around 30 mins to 1 hour.

Consultations can be booked as face to face or through video call (Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime).

Bach flower essences

Bach flower essences are 38 different flower essences from Dr Bach, medical doctor and homeopath, who discovered how the various plants and trees affected his thoughts and feelings.

Dr. Bach was ahead of his time by understanding how emotional states lead to physical illness if they are left untreated. He came to understand that for each human emotional state or pattern, there is a flower whose essence possesses an equal and opposite pattern. When these plants are used for their complementary (opposite) states, they balance our emotions and, consequently, assist in the prevention and treatment of physical illness.

I use Bach flower essences to support homeopathic treatment by using ABC method where patient choses 3 flower essences which show current emotional state, what brought them to this state and what is the deeper underlying cause. ABC method is offered to each patient at the end of consultation.

Bach flower essences gentle and quickly affect our mood and help to shift emotional stagnations or patterns which can lead to deeper physical complaints. The essences are available as a single essence or combination and they can be taken frequently throughout the day.


Supplements have a big role to play in balancing your health!

I use supplements for patients who need extra support which often is not available from food due to intolerance or preferences. Also, foods these days do not provide enough vitamins and minerals, especially in the states of imbalances. I recommend natural supplements without additives and additional ingredients, preferably made from foods. Supplements need to be taken for 6-8 weeks to see some difference. Your need for supplements changes during different seasons and moments in your life so we will have a look into your individual responses for the best effects.

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