Longing for a satisfactory & healthier life?

Start your journey to an emotional and physical balance with homeopathy today.

Are your mood swings driving your loved ones nuts?

Is your belly bloated again even though you implemented a healthier diet?

Can’t get enough sleep at night and you don’t know why?

Are you getting the same infection for a third time in a year?

I am here to guide you on your homeopathic journey towards a healthier body, better mood and sleep, and a more balanced life.

Hi, I am Jagoda.

I worked as a conventional pharmacist for several years. Too often I had seen demotivated and powerless patients, not seeing the results they wanted to see. I realized that conventional medicine was missing an important part of a patient’s diagnosis: context in which they are in, their emotions, habits, past traumas. Sometimes, conventional medicines can also have side effects which actually cause other types of problems. All of these made me look for other ways of helping patients.

Today, I support patients as a homeopathic practitioner, using experience from my clinical pharmacy practice to achieve best results. I approach each patient’s case from every possible angle to achieve satisfying results. I listen, I analyze and explain possible ways to take towards a better and healthier future.

Let me be your guide on your journey towards health.

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Homeopathy is a gentle, natural, yet deeply working form of medicine.

Homeopathy supports your vital force to get back to balance. If you have tried many different treatments to help yourself but you still didn’t get the results, homeopathy may be the solution you seek.

Homeopathy does not have undesired effects. It is safe from birth and during pregnancy.

​What you may gain after a few months of homeopathic treatment?

  • deeper and longer restorative sleep
  • waking up to a day without necessity to drink a coffee
  • regular, painless bowel movements
  • much less mood swings
  • lower susceptibility for the shorter and milder infections to occur
  • and so much more…

It is very individual how your body may react to homeopathy. Your resources, emotional and physical situations during the process of healing determine what results you get and how long it takes. You may need to wait a few months to see substantial change in health condition… and it’s so much worth it.

Homeopathic treatment is a journey.
The aim of it is your health & balance.

I offer acute and full consultations for patients, especially to those with recurring infections and gut problems. I use homeopathy, Bach flower essences and supplements recommendations. Combining these three tools allows us to support your healing process on physical, emotional and energetic levels.

Acute consultations

For those in need for a remedy for an acute situation.

It is a great opportunity to start your proper journey into health!

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Full consultations

For those ready for a few-months commitment to your health.

I also offer packages of consultations.

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Aya Mitsuishi

Jagoda is a wonderful homeopath. She has fixed so many problems that my Dr or a specialist couldn’t fix. I was not very sure of homeopathy before her treatments but now I am 100% sure that it does work! I recommend Jagoda to everyone!

Magdalena Bereta

Highly recommend
Always professional service’s
She knows how keep healthy me and my child

Alexandra Ann

Highly recommend Jagoda. She’s been looking after my family’s health issues for a long time. The treatments are very effective. Jagoda is well qualified, informative, and professional.

Ewelina Usnarska

Jagoda is a highly educated homeopath who is passionate about the wellbeing of her patients. She is always eager to learn new skills and happy to share her knowledge. She helped me and my family multiple times. Highly recommend her!

Izabela Gabrysiak

I can truly recommend Jagoda, the whole family has been treated by her including taking care of animals. I value availability in acute states when the advice is needed asap.

Let’s help you to find balance in your body.

Let me support you in your journey towards health & wellbeing!

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