Have you ever suffered from recurring UTIs?

Kidney stones might be one of the causes of recurrent UTIs.
There are few reasons why kidney stones may form causing pain, inflammation and urine retention which can lead to symptoms of urinary tract infections.

What are some of the causations of kidney stones?
– Acidic diet
– Limited water intake
– Unbalanced intake of calcium and phosphates
– Overweight

How homeopathy can help?

CANTHARIS– kidney stones on the left side with intolerable urging. Nephritis with blood in the urine. Violent paroxysms of cutting and burning in whole renal region with painful urging to urinate by drops. Worse from urinating, drinking cold water or coffee.

BERBERIS VULGARIS– kidney stones on the left side with burning pains. Urine bright-red with thick mucus. Pain in the back and in bladder region. Pain in the thighs and loins on urinating. Bubbling, sore sensation in kidneys. Worse standing.

LYCOPODIUM– kidney stones on the right to the bladder. Pain in the back before urinating, ceases after flow, slow in coming, must strain. Heavy red sediment. Better by motion. Worse right side, from right to left.

PAREIRA BRAVA– kidney stone on the left with bruised pains in region of kidneys. Constant urging, great straining, pain down thighs during efforts to urinate. Black, bloody, thick mucus urine.

OCIMUM CANUM– kidney stone on the right. Sore pain in ureters. High acidity, brick-dust red or yellow sentiment in the urine. Urine foul-smelling with odor of musk.

Other changes:

– Increasing alkaline foods and drinks
– Increasing fluid intake
– Balancing diet to normalize balance between calcium and phosphates

Are you having UTIs associated with kidney stones? Any other recurring infections you may need help with? Please ask away and let’s see how homeopathy may help.

Let’s speak about homeopathy 😊



How is your energy today?

Have you had some recurring infections in the recent weeks?

How has it made you feel?

How is your energy level and general feeling post infections?

It is quite common to have lower energy levels post active infection and depending on your vital force it may take quicker or longer to recover them.

Homeopathic solutions.

Some remedies which may help recover post recurring infections:

KALI PHOS– Greatest nerve remedy. Prostration, weak and tired e.g. from gangrenous conditions. Symptoms are better warmth, rest, nourishment. Worse excitement, mental and physical exertion.

NAT SULPH– Great remedy for post influenza exhaustion. Feels every change from dry to wet. Better dry weather, pressure and changing position.

PHOS AC– Mental debility then physical weakness whenever the system has been exposed to the e.g. ravages of acute diseases. Better from keeping warm. Worse exertion, loss of vital fluids.

CHINA OFF– Debility from profuse exhausting discharges and loss of vital fluids. Weakness post food poisoning, blood loss with weakness. Worse after eating, slightest touch.

BAPTISIA– Extreme prostration especially after debilitating illness like septic conditions of the blood. Confusion as if intoxicated.

Holistic support

If you go through recurring infections quite often then your vital force may need some additional support and organs like spleen and liver may need some tuning.

It is quite debilitating for the body to go through recurring infections so supporting your immune system and eliminating organs is important.

Constitutional and organ support prescribing helps to achieve better energy levels overall which can lead to milder and less frequent infections.

Constitutional prescribing is based on totality of the physical symptoms including mental and emotional state of the patient to find the most similar remedy to it.

Let me know if you experience any recurring infections, I can help you with?
Let’s speak about homeopathy. 😊



Hello this summer!

After a blog about sore throats, I wanted to check more in depth why sometimes may get recurring sore throats. One of the causations might be an inflammation of the glands called adenoiditis.

Adenoiditis– it is an infection and inflammation of the adenoid gland. A recurrent gland infection can lead to the state of being debilitated.

The risk factors for adenoiditis to occur include:
• IV drug use
• Contact sports
• Animal bites or scratches
• Infection in your mouth and throat
• Recent surgery or hospital stay

So, what happens if we are diagnosed with adenoiditis? You may experience pains in the throat, ear or just swollen glands which can cause mouth breathing and/or snoring. Unpleasant smell from the mouth and acrid or metallic taste might be present. Excessive salivation or dry mouth are possible symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies

Some homeopathic remedies to take into consideration:

CALC CARB– obese children who sweat a lot at night and take cold easily, stiches on swallowing, difficult swallowing. Worse from milk, worse from dentition.

CALC PHOS – adenoid growths, chronic enlargement of tonsils, worse changes of weather. Sensation of weakness in throat. Better in summer, worse change of weather, cold weather, exposure to damp.

AGRAPHIS NUTANTS– adenoids with enlarged tonsils, throat deafness. Throat and ear troubles with tendency to free discharge from mucous membranes.

CISTUS CAN– glands swollen and suppurating, hawking of mucus. Glands inflamed and indurated. Throat very sore and dry, sore on inhaling least cold air. Worse drafts, from touch.

HYDRASTIS– enlarged adenoids with yellow mucus and general lymphoid hypertrophy. Thick, ropy secretions. Worse from dry winds, open air. Worse at night.

Long term solutions

Treating only adenoids is normally not sufficient for a complete cure. To achieve long term change is important to help with susceptibility on a deeper level. For this, prescribing on a constitutional level is needed working closely with a homeopath to monitor your progress.

Are you experiencing any recurring infections which trouble you today? Would you like to work with a homeopath to find long term solutions for them?
Let’s meet to discuss solutions for you how to go back to balance with a homeopathy. Let’s speak about homeopathy!😊



Hello this summer! Any recurring ailments on your nails?

Toenail fungal infection might be sometimes a recurring state. One of my patients suffered from it on and off for nearly 10 years. With help of homeopathic remedies, change of a diet and hygiene habits we finally managed to clear her susceptibility.

It usually takes more than one remedy for recurring states to go away for good. Nosodes and miasmatic remedies are often needed to prevent infectious state from coming back.

What homeopathy can offer?

Some of the remedies to consider:
THUJA– Nails are discoloured and soft, out of shape, crippled, brittle and soft. The nails may crumble or break. Patients may think they are unclean or ugly.

ANT CRUD– Nails are very brittle and break easily. The original shape of the nails is distorted and the nails grow out of shape, nails are split and grow at a very slow pace. The patient seems to get unusually irritated at the slightest things.

SILICA– Crippled and brittle nails. Patients who have very cold and sweaty feet with thickened nails. Nails might be disfigured. Sharp, unbearable pain in toe nail making patient restless and irritable.

GRAPHITES– The toenails grow inwards and they tend to ulcerate with surrounding tissue swollen. The nails are thickening or there might be deformity of nails which break easily. Patient experiences deep seated pain which cannot bear the touch.

What recurring skin infections are troubling you today?

Recurring states might be not so easy to shift and often require some additional changes in our daily habits. More alkaline diet and making sure we keep nails short and we dry our feet properly might be essential in order to reduce a chance of toenail fungal infection to return.

Deep susceptibilities to fungal states are treated with miasmatic remedies under supervision of homeopath. The full consultation taken can show the family history and how susceptibilities can be changed. It’s a process but it’s worth it.
Let’s talk about homeopathy!



How is your throat today?

Summer is here and some different summer ailments. In my last blog I have described ear ache and remedies which can be useful for it. You can check it out here.

Another summer ailment which quite often may trouble us during our summer escapes is a sore throat. It is sometimes enough to have ice cream on a hot day or too much of a cold drink to suffer from throat pain for the next few days. So, what homeopathy can offer?

Homeopathic solutions

Here you can check it sore throat remedies:
Hepar Sulph
Merc sol and other Mercuries remedies

That’s just a few helpful remedies when we have a painful throat. But how to make the right choice between them?

Nitty gritty- how to find the right remedy.

First and the most is to know is a causation. Is it a cold drink or exposure to wind which started our symptoms? Or maybe wet feet and dehydration?

Then it is important to look at modalities within the remedy picture and how the sore throat feels? Sore throat might be burning, stabbing or feel constricted. The throat might be swollen or covered with pus. A feeling of a lump in the throat or rawness can indicate specific remedies. Is the sore throat worse or better after some liquids or foods? What temperature of drinks do we want to have?

What is the location of the pain in the throat (left or the right side) How is a general energy and an emotional state? How is a thermal state? Any other symptoms are we experiencing?


So, there is no difference with other acute ailments. It is the same in case of sore throat. We want to know quite a lot about the patient to be able to prescribe the most indicated remedies. Sometimes it may happen that sore throat is recurring and a person suffers from it every month. Then definitely looking into the deeper emotional states,  susceptibilities and weak organs is important. Also, family history to know where the miasmatic influences are and can be modified.

Other things to take into consideration are things like medications used and other treatment we went through including dental work. All of this information is gathered and analysed by a homeopath during a full consultation.

Wishing you the great escapes this summer and hopefully the sore throat will not get us this season. 😉Let’s speak about homeopathy!



Are you having an earache today?

Hello! Hopefully a beautiful summer is just round the corner and unfortunately some ailments with it too…

Are you having an earache today? It is a common spring/summer ailment.

Water, wind,  changing an altitude or air pressure when you are enjoying summer diving can cause our ears to be painful and unpleasant.

Homeopathy have some solutions for it, check it out below 😊

Homeopathic solutions

Swelling and pain behind the ears, inflammation of mastoid, extremely sore and tender to touch. Otorrhea and mastoid disease before suppuration. Burning and stinging in ears. Better while eating, from heat. Worse open air, uncovering, draughts.

Otorrhea, thick bland discharge, offensive odour. Externa; ear swollen and red. Catarrhal otitis, otalgia worse at night. Diminishes acuteness of hearing. Worse warm room, lying on left or on painless side. Better open air, motion, cold application.

Otalgia with sense of obstruction, neuralgia on the left side of the face, deafness. Worse change of temperature, talking, sneezing, biting hard, from 9 am-4pm.

Earache, swelling and heat driving patient frantic. Stitching pain. Worse by heat, anger, open air, wind, night. Better from being carried, warm wet weather.

How do you manage your earache or swimmer’s ear when it happens?

Apart from remedies for an acute earache homeopathy can help to lessen your susceptibility to have an earache and other acute complaints by using remedies called nosodes and miasmatic remedies.

These remedies can help to clear the specific layers within us which makes us more prone to have certain states. This process requires few consultations with a homeopath. Consultations are available here.

If you need more tips about homeopathic remedies  to take for your summer travel , you can read the blog here 6 Top remedies to travel with.

So how is your health today? Let’s talk about homeopathy 😊