Homeopathic home prescribing- Top Tips.

In my last blog, I touched a bit on home prescribing and potency. It’s important to elaborate more on other aspects of home prescribing.

What can I treat with homeopathic remedies at home?

In-home, prescribing we can treat ailments that you would normally treat without seeing a doctor, like coughs, colds, indigestion, food poisoning, and many others. Using self- prescribing we can treat states which are not long-standing but occur acutely and should go away within days or a week.

How to choose between remedies?

Sometimes we struggle to differentiate between remedies. It is important to observe a few key things:
– what makes our symptoms better or worse,
– what has changed since the acute state started. (thermal state, thirst, energy)
– the more peculiar symptoms it may help to choose the remedy
Based on this information we can try the remedy which resonates the most. If no improvement after 3-4 doses reassess and move to the next remedy. Click on the link below for a previous blog on What outcome you may expect when you take a homeopathic remedy.

What is a more important remedy or potency in an acute state?

If we are not sure about potency or we only have a remedy in one potency that will be a good choice rather than trying to get ‘the specific’ potency. The body will most likely respond and the potency can be changed if needed it. In acute states potencies of 30C or lower are great. Also, 200C is used in acute states.

When to change a remedy in the acute state?

The acute state normally changes, so reassessing is needed if we do not see the improvement after 3-4 doses after taking a remedy. Sometimes remedies cause partial improvement and that should be noted it.

How do I take homeopathic remedies?

There are various ways of taking a homeopathic remedy. You can take it as a homeopathic pill or tablet on your tongue. Crushing the pill or tablet and dissolving it in small water is possible. You can also put a couple of pills in a bottle of water and shake and drink now and again.

Is water dose better than dry remedy on the tongue?

It’s very individual how we react to remedies. Often in the acute state, we may benefit from water doses just because we may repeat the dose more. We also need hydration during the acute state so that’s another benefit.

Do I need to wait after having food to take the remedy?

Homeopathic remedies absorb in mucus membranes of our mouth so for the remedy to work in full respect having a remedy in a clean, mouth before or after the remedy is important. Strong smells directly around remedies will lessen how the remedy works so for the benefit of treatment keep away food and drinks around the homeopathic remedies. (water is okay).

I hope these few tips help a bit with home prescribing. Let me know if you have any questions about home prescribing.
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