Hello spring!

Spring spring spring, it’s finally here in the North Hemisphere and like every year we may experience some seasonal allergy symptoms.

Itchy eyes, running nose, sneezing and coughing are just some of the symptoms that may present if you are sensitive to grass, flower and tree pollens. Symptoms sometimes might also occur on the skin with an itchy rash or just simple congestion with swollen glands.

So what can I do to treat allergy symptoms?

Homeopathic solutions.

Here are some homeopathic remedies that can help with seasonal allergies (hayfever)

EUPHRASIA– Symptoms of much sneezing and streaming of the eyes and nose. Burning of watering eyes with bland discharge from the nose (Allium cepa is the opposite). Euphrasia has a sensitivity to light and improvement of symptoms in the fresh air.

ALLIUM CEPA– Similar to Euprhasia, lots of sneezing and streaming of eyes and nose. Bland discharge from the eyes and burning discharge from the nose (Euphrasia is the opposite). Improvement of symptoms in the fresh air.

SABADILLA– Symptoms of much sneezing and runny, watery discharge, itching and tingling in nose and mouth. Eyes: red, burning and tearing. Sinusitis with a frontal headache or left-sided sore throat. Improvement of symptoms in a warm room, having food or drink.

WYETHIA– Symptoms are sneezing and profuse flow with dryness and itching in the back of the nose, throat and soft palate. Burning and swollen throat with constant hemming need to swallow. Hoarseness and dry, hacking cough. Nervous and headachy, worse in the afternoon.

Never failing Polycrests remedies

If you can match the totality of symptoms of a person, especially their emotional state, consider homeopathic remedies below:

ARSENICUM ALB– Burning or itching in the nose, eyes or throat is a strong indication of Arsenicum with discharges from eyes and nose burning. A feeling of anxiety and restlessness with increased thirst but only takes small sips points to Arsenicum.

NATRUM MURIATICUM– It’s indicated in case of sensitivity to the sun with feeling uncomfortable and irritated. Initial symptoms include a streaming bland discharge from both eyes and nose with lots of sneezing. With time nasal discharge becomes thick and clear like the white of an egg with a loss of taste and smell.

NUX VOMICA– Pointers to Nux Vomica is irritation and moodiness with streaming from eyes and nose. Symptoms get worse in dry air and improve in a moist atmosphere.

PULSATILLA– The main indication for Pulsatilla are a weepy and needy state of mind together with thick, bland, green or yellow discharge. A one-sided blocked nose is another peculiar symptom. Symptoms are better in fresh air.

How to choose between remedies?

Check my previous blog here to help you with catching your symptoms in the remedy selection process. You can read here: Homeopathic home prescribing

Do you want to forget your hayfever altogether? Let’s look at the subject of treating the cause.

Treating the cause

Homeopathic remedies not only can help almost instantly with presenting symptoms but they work on a deep level to clear susceptibility for certain states. In order to reduce the severity of hayfever and clear some allergies long-term is essential to work on a deeper level, often using miasmatic remedies and nosodes. These remedies are used when you work under the supervision of a homeopath who can closely monitor the direction of cure.

Are you ready to start balancing your health on a more profound level?
Why not try homeopathy this season?

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