Homeopathy for worms of your dog.

Happy Full Moon again and Happy Friday! 🐶🌕
Wow, time flies when you have fun and again we have a great opportunity to learn about infections.🐾🌕

What infection is closely related to the Full Moon?!

It is a worm infection. Dogs like humans are temporary or permanent hosts for certain parasites which have different cycles of development.

Since most of them develop in our digestive system (there are also others which can go to our brain…that are actually dangerous). Often around the Full moon, the activity of parasites increases due to the connection between the stomach and the Moon. (Moon rules the stomach)

The stomach is where parasites can manage to pass by the defence barrier and travel down to our small and large intestines.

Homeopathy can change your susceptibility to worm infection. Have you tried homeopathy to support your dog to heal from worms infection before?

Here are some ideas for the remedies to consider for worms infection.

Any homeopathic questions for me? 😊🐶🐾🌕