What may happen when you take a homeopathic remedy?

Are you new to homeopathy? Have you just received your first acute homeopathic prescription? This blog may help you to know what to do in acute situations when you take homeopathic remedies.

What happens when you take a remedy in acute prescribing?

  • Nothing may happen
  • Symptoms may have changed
  • Symptoms may go away but come back
  • Symptoms are resolved completely

I will go through each of the scenarios so you can understand more about what to do in each of them.

No reaction to remedy

First of the scenarios after you start taking a homeopathic remedy for your acute ailment, like a cold or burnt, is no change. It is a rare scenario but possible. You should contact a prescriber if remedy has not changed the symptoms after 24 hours of starting to take a remedy.

Changes in the picture of symptoms.

Second possibility is that symptoms may have changed. They might be less pronounced (a burn is healing and it’s in a smaller area) or less intense (eg. headache is less painful) which is a good sign and you can continue the remedy but less often (reduce a frequency).

Another possibility is that the nature of the symptom have changed (eg. dry cough becomes more productive). This situation may need a remedy change. Also, there might be a situation where completely new symptoms may occur and that may require a different remedy altogether.

Some changes are more expected than others however it is always about individual so often emotional state improves first and physical will follow.

Take a note of any changes and report them to your homeopath after taking a remedy/remedies for at least 48 hours.

Getting better but not fully

In this scenario your original symptoms have resolved after taking remedy for 2-3 days, you have stopped remedy and symptoms come back exactly the same. That may mean that remedy is not holding and potency of the remedy needs to be adjusted. Sometimes intensity of the state is lower and lowering down potency will allow to remedy to hold. In some instances, you need higher potency of the same remedy. The other possibility is that the cause of the problem is much deeper (eg. recurrent sinusitis) and requires some remedies for addressing a root of the issue. In any case inform your homeopath about your observations.

Journey to balance

Acute state often occurs suddenly, sometimes gradually or very fast. With a right homeopathic remedy your symptoms should get milder and when symptoms are improving frequencies of homeopathic remedy should be reduced from 3-4 times a day to 2-3 times a day or from 2-3 times a day to once or twice a day. When symptoms stop, we should discontinue a use of the remedy and allow your vital force to do the rest.
I hope this helps you to understand better what may happen when you treating your acute complaints with homeopathy.
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Vital force needs time to bring our body and mind to a balance