Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering working with me. Please read this setion before you make a booking.


Consultation time starts at the time indicated. Late arrival to consultation does not exceed its time and it will finish as agreed before. You will be sent a video link via Zoom for the consultation to take place. Other mediums of communication which can be used: Skype, Messenger call, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Consultation for acute states or in-between consultations

Acute consultation can be booked if you currently have acute symptoms. Homeopathic remedies will be suggested. Consultations in-between full consultations can be booked in case of needing to discuss homeopathic remedies for a specific reason.

Homeopathy and allopathic treatments

Homeopathy works well alongside allopathic medicines and conventional treatments. You will not be asked to come off of allopathic medicines however additional monitoring with GP might be required to determine if allopathic medicines are still needed.

Emergency service

Homeopathy is not instead of Emergency Service. If you need emergency care please contact Emergency Service or your GP.

Homeopathic remedies

Full prescriptions of homeopathic remedies and other advice will be sent via the chosen way of communication post consultation. I will provide you with the addresses/source of homeopathic suppliers/ pharmacies if needed.


I might ask you for photographic information or medical diagnostic tests if available as a part of consultation to determine the best indicated homeopathic remedies. Everything discussed during consultation is strictly confidential and I will not share it unless I have a specific instructions from you to share it with other healthcare professionals.


I will not share your details with anyone. I am abide by data protection laws in EU.


When you book consultation with me, I will add your email to my own client list so that I can contact you for the consultation purpose, about news and courses if available and about learning more about homeopathy. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

Health notes

I am required by law to keep your consultation notes for 7 years. These will not be shared unless the law requires me to submit information for the protection of life.

Code of conduct

I abide by homeopathic Code of Ethics.


All booked consultations are paid in advance via PayPal or Square. For acute and emergency consultations I will send you an invoice via email. Please settle in the payment before the prescription is sent by Bank transfer or PayPal transfer.


All booked consultations are paid in advance via PayPal or Square. In case you need to cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your appointment, 50% of the consultation fee will be charged as a cancellation fee. If rebooked within 48h then reduce to 25%.


Payment for your consultation can be in GBP, US Dollars, Euros or Polish Zloty.
You will be able to pay by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.


After the consultation you will be sent an invoice, with bank transfer details if required.


Prepaid packages are available at discounted rates, please enquire.


Consultation vouchers are available to purchase for family members or friends.


Your prescription will be emailed to you after consultation. It will include the remedies that you will need, details when and how to take them and link where to purchase them.