Homeopathy and anxiety

How are you feeling today? Are you experiencing anxiety sometimes? Often work-life balance is difficult to achieve and we may have periods of time when we experience an accumulation of events in our life. Or even a visit to the dentist or other medical professional can put us on the edge. At this time homeopathy comes to hand. So what are the remedies to consider?

Aconite– very frightened, strange or peculiar phobias. A person can be paralysed or driven to restless activity. Panic attacks with no obvious fear about specific things such as flying. Better by company.

Gelsemium– remedy for apprehension, trembling and physical weakness. Often constant fearfulness with no obvious cause. Feels helpless and would like to hide in the corner.

Arsenicum album– extremely fastidious, always worry about not getting what they need or losing what they have. Anxious about money and health. Needs company. They are quite chilly people.

Lycopodium– stage fright, constant fear of having their inner weakness exposed, that may lead to gastritis and digestive problems. Their courageous battle against cowardliness makes them look older than their years.

Phosphorus– fear of being alone, fear of dark, thunderstorms or ghosts. Lively personalities and vivid imaginations. Needs reassurance and tend to worry about the slightest thing but they can be reassured by a reasonable response.

Cause of anxiety

In the case of chronic problems, you want to go deeper and see what is the underlying cause of the issue. For this, it’s important to take a full case and prescribe remedies on the totality of the symptoms rather than just one symptom alone. When you use a totality method, you address the deep cause of the problem and not only treat the presentation of them.

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