Homeopathy- a short introduction

I decided to write about homeopathy to have a possibility to express what I have learned and at the same time, I am thinking about a few other burning subjects…

So, what is homeopathy without using complicated definitions and words? It is a part of medicine that originated over 200 years ago and it has been around ever since. A part of medicine that encompasses so much and so little at the same time comes to our internal vital force doing a healing process with just some stimulation from a homeopathic remedy.

Here comes the difficult part to understand how homeopathic remedies work, but we will get there. What is important to remember is that at the time Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, was experimenting and changing his views on homeopathy, the technology to prove the mechanism of its action in our body did not exist!

Nowadays we can finally understand how homeopathic remedies act, which I will explain later.

You can watch a video I made about what is Homeopathy here.

My journey…

Just to start this discussion I want to share my journey to homeopathy. I am a pharmacist who always would advise more natural ways of treatments since I can remember. As well as I used to and even more so today I advise against the overuse of antibiotics.

I never was comfortable just dispensing medicines and with the progression of my role in the hospital, as a clinical pharmacist, I gained some influence in the prescribing process. Seeing a lot of irresponsible antibiotics prescribed in the hospitals my dislike for them turned into almost hate and war! You would probably ask why? What is wrong with antibiotics then that it pushed me away from working in the clinical setting?!

…against the antibiotics and…

Antibiotics can stop life-threatening infections but they do not come without a price, which is the destruction of good bacterial flora and suppression of infection into deeper levels of our body.

To rebuild a good flora inside of our gut it takes around 6 months and in most cases support from probiotics or even better from a variety of probiotics foods. Good gut flora is essential for our digestive system to work properly and it is essential to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

The infections being pushed deeper in our body means it can weaken our vital organs and also often we see recurring the same infection in a short time. Also, overuse of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics in indications when you can avoid giving them, is in my opinion a big crime against humanity!

Yes, I am not joking! Poor compliance to follow guidelines in prescribing antibiotics which in a return can become useless (bacteria is becoming resistant) is irresponsible and dangerous for everyone, not only for the patient itself!

Serious side effects after intravenous antibiotics, especially in compromised patients, include Clostridium difficile infection which is a life-threatening condition and it can lead to even more complicated chronic states. All of this has been a huge problem that is on the rise because more and more resistant bacteria exist. Logically, if you try to “kill” bacteria it normally tries to change a form, shape, or mechanism of action to survive. Therefore, it is important to use antibiotics with a narrow spectrum of action to allow unnecessary changes (mutations).

… a place for antibiotics

So yes, antibiotics have usage in life-threatening states and that is how we should think of them! It is not a quick solution for our common colds,  sore throats, or earaches! You can read about them in my previous blogs.

Anyway, the origin of those is normally viral so antibiotics are pointless and they can only cause side effects. Sorry for the prolonged antibiotic discussion but I feel not many people are aware of that I am sorry but I have no trust in most of the doctors’ deeper understanding of it….

In many cases, the use of antibiotics is like using a shortcut. Our body has a natural ability to fight infections if we support them properly and homeopathy stimulates the vital force to regain balance and changes the environment so that the bacteria cannot multiply. In many cases, rest, lots of fluids, vitamin C, and homeopathy mean that our body stops being a place where infectious bacteria can thrive any longer!

One of the reasons I could no longer bear a clinical pharmacy setting was the lack of responsibility for prescribing medicines that have so many side effects. I started to look for ways and alternative treatments which can do less harm to patients. At the same time, I wanted something where I can use my previous experience as a pharmacist.
And that is how I found homeopathy shortly after I quit my last hospital job.

My homeopathic journey begins…

When I found homeopathy, I may have thought similar, so it is not surprising that for some people homeopathy seems to be not very scientific.
Often people say that homeopathy does not follow rules or theories, but that is not true.

There are theories and methodologies behind homeopathy which have a very scientific background. It might be hard to understand some of them because they are not mainstream medicine theories.

For example, within homeopathy, we believe that there is “soil” which can make us prone to infections and it is not the actual bacteria that cause them. By soil, it is understood our body and all that comes with it, like imbalances of nutrients or vitamins or not managing stress which can lead to states of diseases.

All of this at some points may cause our immunological system to miss intruders or not be able to deal with a possible overgrowth of less friendly bacteria or candida. It is very important to keep your “soil” nourished to prevent it from being prone to infections! That is why in homeopathy we pay great importance to “the soil” and “building blocks” meaning the food we eat because homeopathic healing sees those things as a possible obstacle to a full cure.

…and continues in a homeopathic pharmacy

My journey then continues and shortly after I started Homeopathic college I joined a homeopathic pharmacy. In my next blogs, I will continue my discussion about the different aspects of homeopathy I learned through college and the homeopathic pharmacy I worked as a homeopathic pharmacist.

For now, if you are curious to know some insight into homeopathic pharmacy you can listen to the Podcast with me by Mary Greensmith below.

Thank you for listening and sharing. Let’s speak about homeopathy.



Summer snuffles

Hello and welcome.

We are still in the summer in the northern hemisphere and summer colds tend to linger around.

Lots of my friends and family caught a cold despite the warm weather. However, the changeability of weather or trying to cool down too much can cause us to fall with some cold or coryza.

So, which are some of the remedies to consider for recurring summer colds?

Homeopathic solutions

Some remedies at home prescribing in sudden states of cold or cough.

ACONITE– sudden colds after exposure to cold winds or cold air. The symptoms are scanty nasal discharge with a stuffy nose with a great thirst for cold water. Sneezing, restlessness, and anxiety might be also present.

GELSEMIUM– symptoms of cold in sunny, hot, warm, or cold damp weather accompanied by headache. The patient also feels feverish with dullness and sleepy. Sneezing is accompanied by water discharge with the absence of thirst.

DULCAMARA– hot days and cold nights can lead to the presentation of dry coryza, stuffed up when there is cold rain. Cough worse cold, wet weather. Colds from being chilled while hot. Summer colds with diarrhea.

ARSEN ALB– summer colds after sea bathing with the thin watery discharge with sneezing which causes burning of the skin. Presents in a warm room and having sips of warm drinks gives relief, worse in a cold room.

ALLIUM CEPA– colds caused by the damp cold wind causing profuse watery discharge with sneezing. Hacking cough on inhaling cold air. Worse in damp weather. Sinusitis. Tickling in the larynx.

You may want to consider these remedies in case you catch a cold before the end of summer, especially when we have a change of the seasons.

Deeper change

Sometimes we can observe susceptibilities we have to cold air or drafts. Working on our susceptibility is one of the ways of reducing our chance to catch a cold even when we are exposed to the triggers.

This work requires a combination of miasmatic remedies and often different nosodes to change our health on a deeper level.

Any recurring infections are you struggling with right now? Any homeopathic input do you need?
I am happy to help. Let’s speak about homeopathy.



Have you ever suffered from recurring UTIs?

Kidney stones might be one of the causes of recurrent UTIs.
There are few reasons why kidney stones may form causing pain, inflammation and urine retention which can lead to symptoms of urinary tract infections.

What are some of the causations of kidney stones?
– Acidic diet
– Limited water intake
– Unbalanced intake of calcium and phosphates
– Overweight

How homeopathy can help?

CANTHARIS– kidney stones on the left side with intolerable urging. Nephritis with blood in the urine. Violent paroxysms of cutting and burning in whole renal region with painful urging to urinate by drops. Worse from urinating, drinking cold water or coffee.

BERBERIS VULGARIS– kidney stones on the left side with burning pains. Urine bright-red with thick mucus. Pain in the back and in bladder region. Pain in the thighs and loins on urinating. Bubbling, sore sensation in kidneys. Worse standing.

LYCOPODIUM– kidney stones on the right to the bladder. Pain in the back before urinating, ceases after flow, slow in coming, must strain. Heavy red sediment. Better by motion. Worse right side, from right to left.

PAREIRA BRAVA– kidney stone on the left with bruised pains in region of kidneys. Constant urging, great straining, pain down thighs during efforts to urinate. Black, bloody, thick mucus urine.

OCIMUM CANUM– kidney stone on the right. Sore pain in ureters. High acidity, brick-dust red or yellow sentiment in the urine. Urine foul-smelling with odor of musk.

Other changes:

– Increasing alkaline foods and drinks
– Increasing fluid intake
– Balancing diet to normalize balance between calcium and phosphates

Are you having UTIs associated with kidney stones? Any other recurring infections you may need help with? Please ask away and let’s see how homeopathy may help.

Let’s speak about homeopathy 😊



How is your energy today?

Have you had some recurring infections in the recent weeks?

How has it made you feel?

How is your energy level and general feeling post infections?

It is quite common to have lower energy levels post active infection and depending on your vital force it may take quicker or longer to recover them.

Homeopathic solutions.

Some remedies which may help recover post recurring infections:

KALI PHOS– Greatest nerve remedy. Prostration, weak and tired e.g. from gangrenous conditions. Symptoms are better warmth, rest, nourishment. Worse excitement, mental and physical exertion.

NAT SULPH– Great remedy for post influenza exhaustion. Feels every change from dry to wet. Better dry weather, pressure and changing position.

PHOS AC– Mental debility then physical weakness whenever the system has been exposed to the e.g. ravages of acute diseases. Better from keeping warm. Worse exertion, loss of vital fluids.

CHINA OFF– Debility from profuse exhausting discharges and loss of vital fluids. Weakness post food poisoning, blood loss with weakness. Worse after eating, slightest touch.

BAPTISIA– Extreme prostration especially after debilitating illness like septic conditions of the blood. Confusion as if intoxicated.

Holistic support

If you go through recurring infections quite often then your vital force may need some additional support and organs like spleen and liver may need some tuning.

It is quite debilitating for the body to go through recurring infections so supporting your immune system and eliminating organs is important.

Constitutional and organ support prescribing helps to achieve better energy levels overall which can lead to milder and less frequent infections.

Constitutional prescribing is based on totality of the physical symptoms including mental and emotional state of the patient to find the most similar remedy to it.

Let me know if you experience any recurring infections, I can help you with?
Let’s speak about homeopathy. 😊



Hello this summer!

After a blog about sore throats, I wanted to check more in depth why sometimes may get recurring sore throats. One of the causations might be an inflammation of the glands called adenoiditis.

Adenoiditis– it is an infection and inflammation of the adenoid gland. A recurrent gland infection can lead to the state of being debilitated.

The risk factors for adenoiditis to occur include:
• IV drug use
• Contact sports
• Animal bites or scratches
• Infection in your mouth and throat
• Recent surgery or hospital stay

So, what happens if we are diagnosed with adenoiditis? You may experience pains in the throat, ear or just swollen glands which can cause mouth breathing and/or snoring. Unpleasant smell from the mouth and acrid or metallic taste might be present. Excessive salivation or dry mouth are possible symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies

Some homeopathic remedies to take into consideration:

CALC CARB– obese children who sweat a lot at night and take cold easily, stiches on swallowing, difficult swallowing. Worse from milk, worse from dentition.

CALC PHOS – adenoid growths, chronic enlargement of tonsils, worse changes of weather. Sensation of weakness in throat. Better in summer, worse change of weather, cold weather, exposure to damp.

AGRAPHIS NUTANTS– adenoids with enlarged tonsils, throat deafness. Throat and ear troubles with tendency to free discharge from mucous membranes.

CISTUS CAN– glands swollen and suppurating, hawking of mucus. Glands inflamed and indurated. Throat very sore and dry, sore on inhaling least cold air. Worse drafts, from touch.

HYDRASTIS– enlarged adenoids with yellow mucus and general lymphoid hypertrophy. Thick, ropy secretions. Worse from dry winds, open air. Worse at night.

Long term solutions

Treating only adenoids is normally not sufficient for a complete cure. To achieve long term change is important to help with susceptibility on a deeper level. For this, prescribing on a constitutional level is needed working closely with a homeopath to monitor your progress.

Are you experiencing any recurring infections which trouble you today? Would you like to work with a homeopath to find long term solutions for them?
Let’s meet to discuss solutions for you how to go back to balance with a homeopathy. Let’s speak about homeopathy!😊



Hello this summer! Any recurring ailments on your nails?

Toenail fungal infection might be sometimes a recurring state. One of my patients suffered from it on and off for nearly 10 years. With help of homeopathic remedies, change of a diet and hygiene habits we finally managed to clear her susceptibility.

It usually takes more than one remedy for recurring states to go away for good. Nosodes and miasmatic remedies are often needed to prevent infectious state from coming back.

What homeopathy can offer?

Some of the remedies to consider:
THUJA– Nails are discoloured and soft, out of shape, crippled, brittle and soft. The nails may crumble or break. Patients may think they are unclean or ugly.

ANT CRUD– Nails are very brittle and break easily. The original shape of the nails is distorted and the nails grow out of shape, nails are split and grow at a very slow pace. The patient seems to get unusually irritated at the slightest things.

SILICA– Crippled and brittle nails. Patients who have very cold and sweaty feet with thickened nails. Nails might be disfigured. Sharp, unbearable pain in toe nail making patient restless and irritable.

GRAPHITES– The toenails grow inwards and they tend to ulcerate with surrounding tissue swollen. The nails are thickening or there might be deformity of nails which break easily. Patient experiences deep seated pain which cannot bear the touch.

What recurring skin infections are troubling you today?

Recurring states might be not so easy to shift and often require some additional changes in our daily habits. More alkaline diet and making sure we keep nails short and we dry our feet properly might be essential in order to reduce a chance of toenail fungal infection to return.

Deep susceptibilities to fungal states are treated with miasmatic remedies under supervision of homeopath. The full consultation taken can show the family history and how susceptibilities can be changed. It’s a process but it’s worth it.
Let’s talk about homeopathy!