Hello this summer!

After a blog about sore throats, I wanted to check more in depth why sometimes may get recurring sore throats. One of the causations might be an inflammation of the glands called adenoiditis.

Adenoiditis– it is an infection and inflammation of the adenoid gland. A recurrent gland infection can lead to the state of being debilitated.

The risk factors for adenoiditis to occur include:
• IV drug use
• Contact sports
• Animal bites or scratches
• Infection in your mouth and throat
• Recent surgery or hospital stay

So, what happens if we are diagnosed with adenoiditis? You may experience pains in the throat, ear or just swollen glands which can cause mouth breathing and/or snoring. Unpleasant smell from the mouth and acrid or metallic taste might be present. Excessive salivation or dry mouth are possible symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies

Some homeopathic remedies to take into consideration:

CALC CARB– obese children who sweat a lot at night and take cold easily, stiches on swallowing, difficult swallowing. Worse from milk, worse from dentition.

CALC PHOS – adenoid growths, chronic enlargement of tonsils, worse changes of weather. Sensation of weakness in throat. Better in summer, worse change of weather, cold weather, exposure to damp.

AGRAPHIS NUTANTS– adenoids with enlarged tonsils, throat deafness. Throat and ear troubles with tendency to free discharge from mucous membranes.

CISTUS CAN– glands swollen and suppurating, hawking of mucus. Glands inflamed and indurated. Throat very sore and dry, sore on inhaling least cold air. Worse drafts, from touch.

HYDRASTIS– enlarged adenoids with yellow mucus and general lymphoid hypertrophy. Thick, ropy secretions. Worse from dry winds, open air. Worse at night.

Long term solutions

Treating only adenoids is normally not sufficient for a complete cure. To achieve long term change is important to help with susceptibility on a deeper level. For this, prescribing on a constitutional level is needed working closely with a homeopath to monitor your progress.

Are you experiencing any recurring infections which trouble you today? Would you like to work with a homeopath to find long term solutions for them?
Let’s meet to discuss solutions for you how to go back to balance with a homeopathy. Let’s speak about homeopathy!😊