Hello autumn!

The northern hemisphere entered a bit of chilly weather, and colds and flu have started to occur. Are you prepared with some useful remedies on hand?
Homeopathy has some useful remedies in case your colds or coughs start kicking in!

Homeopathic solutions

Merc Sol:

Sore throat with burning pain with swelling of glands (every time the patient takes cold).
Aggravation from heat and cold. Heat and shuddering alternately. Thirsty, desire for cold drinks.
Fluent, profuse nasal discharge, excessive saliva, especially at night. Generally worse at night.


Oppressive breathing, worse for the least motion.
Hard, dry, tight-racking cough or easy sputum, salty, sour, sweetish, cold, bloody. A desire for ice-cold drinks, popsicles, or ice cream.
Worse: cold air, exertion, talking, laughing, lying flat or on the left side.
Better: sitting, lying on the right side, cold drinks. Wants a company, to support her. Excitable.



Sudden onset- first signs of colds.
Worse from dry, cold wind. Great thirst, usually for cold drinks.
The main remedy for the early stages of croup. Worse around midnight. Restlessness.

Kali Bich:

Sinus infection. Nasal discharge or post-nasal drip is thick, stringy, and often yellow.
Productive cough with thick or green stringy sputum in bronchitis or asthma. Croup. Chilly and worse from the cold. Desire warm drinks.

Hepar Sulph:

It is a very useful remedy for treating swollen glands and frequent infections.
Painful ear infections in children who can’t bear cold air drafts. Slight exposure to cold brings on a painful and hoarse dry cough that’s worsened by drinking cold drinks.
The cough is usually loose with rattling and wheezing sounds. Difficult to cough up any mucus.

How to find the right remedy?

Finding the most indicated homeopathic remedy can be tricky at the times. It requires observation of your symptoms, sensations, and symptoms’ modalities (what makes the symptoms better or worse). You can read more about what to take into consideration when looking for a remedy  here.

How are you supporting your health with homeopathy?

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