What is the sensation in your throat?

We are in the middle of the season of acute colds, coughs and flu however Strep throat infection is a bit different just because of its sudden development. So, what are some characteristics of Strep throat?

Strep throat can be caused by a type of bacteria called Streptococcus pyogenes and some strep throat strains might cause a rash resembling scarlet fever.

Typical symptoms of Strep Throat:
• Sudden high fever, headache
• Mild to severe soreness in the throat
• Redness in the throat with white patches
• Swollen lymph nodes in the neck and tonsils
• Difficulty in swallowing food or water with pain when swallowing
• Nausea and vomiting are seen in younger children
• Chills
• Loss of appetite

Other symptoms which may be presented are lower stomach pain, general discomfort, uneasiness or ill feeling.

How do I know if it is not Strep throat? If you have
• Cough
• Runny nose
• Conjunctivitis
• Hoarseness of voice

In homoeopathy, we do not need an accurate diagnosis because we base our prescribing on how symptoms present.

Tell me your symptoms!

What the homoeopath wants to know in an acute state is :
• how do the symptoms present?
• what sensations of the symptoms do you experience?
• how are your energy in general, what is your thermal state and your thirst compared to normal?
• what makes your symptoms better or worse (modalities of symptoms)?

Here is some information that a homeopath would like to know about your  possible Strep throat symptoms:
• How your fever started– with heat or chill, any redness, sweating, you want to be covered or not
• Soreness of the throat and swollen tonsils –one or both sides? is swallowing affecting it? How about drinks or food?
• How is the headache? What part of the head? Is it affected by light, movement, or smells?
• What temperature of drinks are you preferring at present?


Example case

A case of a female in her 30s
• Sore throat started 2-3 days ago, mainly on the left, with a sensation of a lump, and needles
• Empty swallowing hurts
• Fever with full-body chills followed by heat
• No energy this morning, fever of 103
• Red on the face, hot sensation inside the mouth
• No thirst but is forcing herself to drink, cold water makes it better
• Quite anxious and moving a lot, aversion to questions
• Headache in the temples and across the forehead
• Had lots of Strep throat in the past so knows the sensation

Remedies considered: Belladonna and Rhus Tox
The remedy prescribed: Rhus Tox,

• Lots of improvement on the first day
• No fever, throat felt better but still hurting
• Pretty well back to normal

Homeopathic remedies for a Strep throat

Belladonna symptoms have a sudden or rapid onset with redness of a tissue involved, with great sensitivity to touch and jarring motion. Pains are usually throbbing or pulsating. It’s a top remedy for Strep throat when the following features occur:
• Dry, as if glazed. Red, hot and worse on the right side. Constricted, angry-looking, congestion.
• Tonsils are red and inflamed.
• The larynx is sore and very painful.
• Swallowing difficult, worse liquids.
Head: Throbbing pain with heat, and fullness especially in the forehead
Mouth: Dry, tongue red on edges, swollen strawberry tongue
Fever: Burning, steaming heat with icy cold feet. No thirst with fever.
Modalities: Worse: touch, jar, noise, draught, lying down. Better: rest, light covering

Very sudden onset, intense and often with great pain often after exposure to cold wind, sun or water. Also a remedy in case of ailments after experiencing a shock.
•Sudden marked heat and fever alternating with chills
•Heat and flushing of the face
•Pupils constricted
•Thirst for cold drinks
•Cold extremities
•Fear of death

Mercurius Sol
The most prominent features of Merc Sol are swollen glands, with lots of saliva and a metallic taste in the mouth. Infection can start on one side of the throat.
• Sore, raw, burning throat
• Glands swell every time patient takes cold
• Tonsils enlarged
• Constant desire to swallow
• Stitches into the ear on swallowing
• Acute or chronic pharyngitis with dirty tongue and salivation
• Tongue imprinted with teeth
• Offensive breath
• Excessive saliva, especially at night in bed
• Hot and cold aggravate or they feel hot one moment and cold the next
• Night sweats
• General aggravation from perspiring

Hepar Sulph: Sore throat with pus or hawking mucus with a sensation of something stuck in the throat.
• Sensation as if a fish-bone were lodged in his throat
• Breathing is short and suffocating, forcing a patient to sit up
• Production of tenacious yellow-coloured mucus in the chest
• During fever there is an icy coldness of the face and feet
• Can have fever blisters around the mouth
• Swelling of the tonsils and glands of the neck
• Wheezing in the larynx and a painful small spot in the larynx
• Feels worse in dry cold weather and better in damp weather
• Cold clammy, often sour, offensive, sweat
• Sensitiveness to open air, with chilliness and frequent nausea

Rhus Tox: it’s not a typical remedy for Strep throat however certain features resemble Belladonna with much more restlessness. 
• Sore throat with swollen glands
• Sticking or stinging pain in the tonsils, left side
• Sensation of dryness in the throat, hot mouth
• Chills followed by heat
• Extreme restlessness with continued change of position
• Headache on the forehead
• Face swollen and red

Other possible remedies:
Phytolacca, Merc Iodus Ruber, Ailanthus gland, Calc Iod, Streptococcinum

What about recurring states?

The recurring states are:
• Possibly inherited which means we have susceptibility to some imbalances or weakness of specific organs
• Might be caused by suppressions e.g. by the use of allopathic medicines

Whatever the cause homoeopathy can help with recurring states by using remedies like nosodes, miasmatic remedies or detox methods. You can read more about reccuring states in my previous blogs:




Working closely with a homoeopath helps to rebalance and break the cycle of recurring infections. Are you ready for your journey with homeopathy?

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