How is your energy today?

Have you had some recurring infections in the recent weeks?

How has it made you feel?

How is your energy level and general feeling post infections?

It is quite common to have lower energy levels post active infection and depending on your vital force it may take quicker or longer to recover them.

Homeopathic solutions.

Some remedies which may help recover post recurring infections:

KALI PHOS– Greatest nerve remedy. Prostration, weak and tired e.g. from gangrenous conditions. Symptoms are better warmth, rest, nourishment. Worse excitement, mental and physical exertion.

NAT SULPH– Great remedy for post influenza exhaustion. Feels every change from dry to wet. Better dry weather, pressure and changing position.

PHOS AC– Mental debility then physical weakness whenever the system has been exposed to the e.g. ravages of acute diseases. Better from keeping warm. Worse exertion, loss of vital fluids.

CHINA OFF– Debility from profuse exhausting discharges and loss of vital fluids. Weakness post food poisoning, blood loss with weakness. Worse after eating, slightest touch.

BAPTISIA– Extreme prostration especially after debilitating illness like septic conditions of the blood. Confusion as if intoxicated.

Holistic support

If you go through recurring infections quite often then your vital force may need some additional support and organs like spleen and liver may need some tuning.

It is quite debilitating for the body to go through recurring infections so supporting your immune system and eliminating organs is important.

Constitutional and organ support prescribing helps to achieve better energy levels overall which can lead to milder and less frequent infections.

Constitutional prescribing is based on totality of the physical symptoms including mental and emotional state of the patient to find the most similar remedy to it.

Let me know if you experience any recurring infections, I can help you with?
Let’s speak about homeopathy. 😊