How is your throat today?

Summer is here and some different summer ailments. In my last blog I have described ear ache and remedies which can be useful for it. You can check it out here.

Another summer ailment which quite often may trouble us during our summer escapes is a sore throat. It is sometimes enough to have ice cream on a hot day or too much of a cold drink to suffer from throat pain for the next few days. So, what homeopathy can offer?

Homeopathic solutions

Here you can check it sore throat remedies:
Hepar Sulph
Merc sol and other Mercuries remedies

That’s just a few helpful remedies when we have a painful throat. But how to make the right choice between them?

Nitty gritty- how to find the right remedy.

First and the most is to know is a causation. Is it a cold drink or exposure to wind which started our symptoms? Or maybe wet feet and dehydration?

Then it is important to look at modalities within the remedy picture and how the sore throat feels? Sore throat might be burning, stabbing or feel constricted. The throat might be swollen or covered with pus. A feeling of a lump in the throat or rawness can indicate specific remedies. Is the sore throat worse or better after some liquids or foods? What temperature of drinks do we want to have?

What is the location of the pain in the throat (left or the right side) How is a general energy and an emotional state? How is a thermal state? Any other symptoms are we experiencing?


So, there is no difference with other acute ailments. It is the same in case of sore throat. We want to know quite a lot about the patient to be able to prescribe the most indicated remedies. Sometimes it may happen that sore throat is recurring and a person suffers from it every month. Then definitely looking into the deeper emotional states,  susceptibilities and weak organs is important. Also, family history to know where the miasmatic influences are and can be modified.

Other things to take into consideration are things like medications used and other treatment we went through including dental work. All of this information is gathered and analysed by a homeopath during a full consultation.

Wishing you the great escapes this summer and hopefully the sore throat will not get us this season. 😉Let’s speak about homeopathy!