Summer snuffles

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We are still in the summer in the northern hemisphere and summer colds tend to linger around.

Lots of my friends and family caught a cold despite the warm weather. However, the changeability of weather or trying to cool down too much can cause us to fall with some cold or coryza.

So, which are some of the remedies to consider for recurring summer colds?

Homeopathic solutions

Some remedies at home prescribing in sudden states of cold or cough.

ACONITE– sudden colds after exposure to cold winds or cold air. The symptoms are scanty nasal discharge with a stuffy nose with a great thirst for cold water. Sneezing, restlessness, and anxiety might be also present.

GELSEMIUM– symptoms of cold in sunny, hot, warm, or cold damp weather accompanied by headache. The patient also feels feverish with dullness and sleepy. Sneezing is accompanied by water discharge with the absence of thirst.

DULCAMARA– hot days and cold nights can lead to the presentation of dry coryza, stuffed up when there is cold rain. Cough worse cold, wet weather. Colds from being chilled while hot. Summer colds with diarrhea.

ARSEN ALB– summer colds after sea bathing with the thin watery discharge with sneezing which causes burning of the skin. Presents in a warm room and having sips of warm drinks gives relief, worse in a cold room.

ALLIUM CEPA– colds caused by the damp cold wind causing profuse watery discharge with sneezing. Hacking cough on inhaling cold air. Worse in damp weather. Sinusitis. Tickling in the larynx.

You may want to consider these remedies in case you catch a cold before the end of summer, especially when we have a change of the seasons.

Deeper change

Sometimes we can observe susceptibilities we have to cold air or drafts. Working on our susceptibility is one of the ways of reducing our chance to catch a cold even when we are exposed to the triggers.

This work requires a combination of miasmatic remedies and often different nosodes to change our health on a deeper level.

Any recurring infections are you struggling with right now? Any homeopathic input do you need?
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