First sun and sunburns?

Homeopathy has some solutions.

After a long winter and not great spring we soon might be heading towards hopefully a better summer. Like every year with the first sun we forget how quickly and easily we can burn ourselves in the matter of hours!

The best advice to remember is to avoid a long time in the sun but sometimes it is inevitable that we may get a sunburn.

So, what to do when this happens using homeopathy?

Top three remedies for sun burns are:

SOL– It is a remedy made by exposing a vial to sun rays. It is a great remedy for sun burns, headaches from sunshine on bare head and very sensitive to sunshine on vertex. You should consider this remedy if your skin is sensitive to sunlight or you may never feel well since severe sunburn.

The important symptom of this remedy is feeling chilled to the bone, very cold with shivering. Symptoms are better by hot bath and short naps.

BELLADONNA– skin of the sunburn may feel bright, red, dry, burning and hot. It is an important sunstroke remedy with a throbbing, hammering headache which is worse from light, noise and lying down. Symptoms of Belladonna are worse from drafts on the head and checked sweat.

CANTHARIS– a fun fact that it is a remedy made from Spanish Fly (Spain=sun ) used for sunburns which can occur with vesicular eruptions. Skin feels better from cold applications, for severe sunburns. Eruptions burn when touched.
These three remedies are definitely must haves when it comes to summer.

Other advice.

Also, it is important to:

  • Stay hydrated, water is very important and cools down the body internally. It is great to take some mineral salts for better hydration effect
  • Consider natural UV protectors like raspberry kernel oil which in some studies show protection up to 50 UVB
    Wear a hat or a cap and clothing which will reduce UV exposure of the skin
  • Avoid midday exposure to sun, it is a great time to get Vitamin D however is sufficient 20-30 minutes for daily dosage, not few hours on the sun especially if it is your first sun in a season.

I hope you find it helpful and informative but at the same time you will not need to treat sunburn this summer. If you do, consider remedies above.

Wishing you a great end of spring and lovely summer days full of sun.