Are you getting ready for your summer escapes?

Here are some top remedies what to take with you when you go to discover some great places😊

Accidents or bruises?

Arnica is the number one remedy for any emergency situations including falls, accidents and bruises. Head injuries that affect mental functions or joints, muscle pain from injury. Backache from muscle strain, overuse. Black eye from injury.
So, whenever an accident during your summer adventures try Arnica for it.

Stomach bug while travelling?

Arsenicum album works wonders in case of food poisoning from bad meat, water, vegetables, melons and watery fruits. Food poisoning with nausea and vomiting. Normally presents with burning pain in the stomach. Also a person cannot bear sight or smell of food. Other typical symptom is craving for warm drinks in small sips and that ice-cold water distresses the stomach.
Any stomach problem from foods you should consider Arsenicum album at first.

Sudden fever with redness? Sunburn or throbbing headache?

While travelling we may have a sunburn, sudden fever or/ and headache. If your symptoms are presenting with hot, red and burning skin, flushed face that is a strong indication for Belladonna. Other characteristics are acuteness of all senses with congested headache presenting with throbbing and hammering. Symptoms are worse for light, noise and lying down. If that is presentation then it’s definitely an indication for Belladonna.

ARNICA- bruises and accident, ARSENICUM ALB- food poisoning, BELLADONNA- sunburn, fever and headaches

Are you flying far? Any time zone changes?

Or maybe you are going on a long boat cruise which can make you feel miserable? Cocculus is a remedy to have in your first aid for such a moment. It is a great remedy when our sleep has been disrupted due to night work and time zone change which can cause jet lag. It is also a marvellous remedy for car, train and boat sickness. If any of your acute complaints start from loss of sleep Cocculus is a remedy to consider.

Any bites by mosquitoes during your summer adventures?

Or maybe you are having long walks in the forest and you encounter some tick bites? Straight away Ledum is the first remedy to think of. Puncture, stab wounds and animal bites are another situation where it can be useful. The characteristic symtom is skin which may feel cold with general coldness but with heat on the face. Consider Ledum when you go away to use in such a situation.

Overindulging on holidays? Well, what holidays are for? 😉

Nux Vomica is a great rescue when we have a bit too much of different foods, like meats and fats, spices, sweets and alcohol. All of these mixed together might be too much for our stomach and then liver, causing the feeling of heaviness and pain in the stomach. Characteristic symptom is a sour taste, nausea and vomiting which may occur with much retching. The symptoms are worse in cold, open air and in the morning. If that happens, think about Nux Vomica.
So yes, it is an essential remedy to have on hand while on adventures somewhere in a beautiful and exotic place.

COCCULUS- jetlag, travel sickness, LEDUM- insect bites, NUX VOMICA- hangover, nausea and vomiting.

What are my favorite homeopathic remedies? You will find out in my next series of blogs.
Stay tuned, happy travels and let’s talk about homeopathy! 😊